Why choose Echooo?

Echooo supports the most Blockchains and protocols, is the largest AA wallet for 2C users. AA wallets ensure higher security compared to traditional EOA wallets: EOAs associate the account with the private key, so if the private key is lost, the account is lost as well. In contrast, AA Wallets keep the account and the private key separate. While the private key is used to initiate transactions, the approval of transactions requires multisignature verification from AA. Even if the private key is lost, it can be recovered through social recovery, avoiding a single point of failure. AA wallets also have programmable features such as changing signature thresholds and setting trusted addresses, further enhancing security.

But Echooo is not just a wallet.

Echooo is a blockchain infrastructure designed around an Intent-centric approach, offering users a one-stop, intention-driven virtual asset management solution that perfectly balances asset security with liquidity.


Self-custody is critical but has never been easy. We ensure that while users have full control over their assets, they still have access to multilevel approvals, transaction limit management, and zero-Gas fee options comparable to traditional centralized asset management institutions. It is your most trustworthy portable self-custody vault.

Asset Security

Utilizing cutting-edge Web3 AA wallet architecture, Echooo eliminates the single point of risk associated with losing mnemonic phrases. Bulletproof-level protection is provided for user assets through social recovery, multi-signature security, hardware-level encryption, and Multi-Party Computation (MPC).

Smart Trading

Echooo integrates native full-chain DEX liquidity and employs AI-powered routing algorithms for optimal trading pools and exchange rates. It also provides intelligent order splitting for large transactions, minimizing costs and maximizing user investment returns.

One-Click Financial Management

DeFi is future, Echooo supports one-click staking & single/dual-token LP liquidity DeFi through native aggregation of full-chain DeFi protocols. Allows users to easily enjoy the benefits of DeFi. And lower the risks of fraudulent DApp websites, greatly enhancing Trx security.

Asset Liquidity

Echooo natively integrates cross-chain bridges across all chains, enabling seamless asset transfers and free asset flow.

Risk Monitoring

An inbuilt AI-powered security engine provides real-time monitoring and alerts for scam activities, high-risk addresses, and token operations, creating a highly secure asset management environment for users.

AI Engine

Intelligent Gas Cost Estimation and Transaction Path Optimization

Offers users the lowest transaction gas fees and the most optimized transaction paths.

Smart Security Control System

Constructs a robust security firewall for users' assets and trading activities.

Intelligent Financial Management

Provides users with data-driven trade decision support and refined investment strategy recommendations.

Security Module

Open Source and Rigorous Audits

The smart contracts of the Echooo wallet have undergone exhaustive reviews by multiple reputable third-party institutions to ensure the absolute security of user private keys.

Self-Custody and No Mnemonic Required

Echooo allows users to fully control their own private keys and assets, without any third-party custody. Utilizing Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology, Echooo provides shard-encrypted storage for user private keys, further enhancing asset security without the need to manually record the private key.

Advanced Security Infrastructure

Echooo employs a multi-layered security framework, which includes an account security system, MPC architecture, Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on mobile, and AWS Enclave on the server side. It also features multi-signature and social recovery mechanisms to provide impenetrable asset protection.

Real-time AI Security Monitoring

Echooo’s AI security engine can monitor various asset and transaction risks in real-time, issuing timely warnings and implementing interception measures, providing round-the-clock protection for your assets.

Our Team

The best product technology team in Asia-Pacific

Our team is made up of the industry's top CTO, the doctoral supervisor/Professor of the computer department of a renowned university, and technology and product experts from top internet enterprises like Google, Tencent and Alibaba leading our senior web3.0 product research and development team.

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